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The executives at HBO knew plenty of guys would tune in to see a film based on the history of fake boobies, so in 1997 they greenlighted the straight to cable historical drama Breast Men (1997). Very loosely based on the plastic surgeons who invented a way to make perkier tits, the film follows Texas physicians Dr. Kevin Saunders (David Schwimmer) and Dr. William Larson (Chris Cooper) as they come up with a seemingly safe and effective solution to aid the poor members of the itty bitty titty committee: silicone implants. It's the swinging seventies and Dr. Kevin's a bit of a loser, so when the chest meat treatment takes off, he goes off the rails. He's banging the porn stars and strippers whose busts he's enlarging, doing tons of cocaine, and getting sloppy with his work. Meanwhile, Dr. William is focusing on breast cancer survivors, seriously self conscious ladies, and other women who really need his help. But for both men, even the breast laid plans can go awry. When silicone is found to do all sorts of bad stuff to the bod, the two docs behind all those double D's are in some serious trouble. Whether you're into the big naturals, or could not care less if those jugs are artificial works of art, there's something for you in this one. George Costanza's fiancé Heidi Swedberg used a double, as did Sabrina the Teenage Witch star Beth Broderick, but everyone else was wiling to show the real thing, whether they were real or fake. You’ve got an amazing selection of breasts in this film, including anonymous ones and others attached to lovely starlets. The short haired, tan brunette Mary Deno loved her new pair post-op, while Tiffany Granath moaned as the doctor played with her pair in the office. Every doctor should try to match the terrific tits of blonde goddess Emily Procter, though Dr. Kev wanted them to be even bigger. Add to that Dr. Kev doing coke off Julie K. Smith's nips, and flashing from Rena Riffel, Leila Kenzle, and Lisa Falcone, and you'll see why while HBO's put out plenty of funbag filled film and television, Breast Men might be their best!