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Jolt (2021)

No Nudity

Top Scene


If you saw the movie Crank (2006) and thought to yourself, "I wonder what that movie would be like with Kate Beckinsale instead of Jason Statham," then Jolt (2021) might just be the movie for you! Beckinsale stars as Lindy, a woman who was diagnosed at a young age with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, in which a chemical imbalance within her body caused her to violently overreact to any perceived slight against her. As an adult, she maintains the disorder thanks to an electrical device implanted in her body that can regulate these impulses and give her a... wait for it... Jolt any time she feels an episode coming on. This has allowed her to live a somewhat normal life, working as a bouncer and starting a relationship with Justin (Jai Courtney), a guy who is actually turned on by her violent behavior. However, when Justin turns up dead after their second date, all eyes naturally turn to Lindy, whose electrical impulse device has suddenly begun to malfunction, making her either insanely violent and impulsive or completely docile to the point of nearly passing out. Lindy must now fight to clear her name and get her device fixed before she ends up harming more people. While we would love to tell you that Kate Beckinsale broke her decades-long nudity strike in this flick, it's sadly not the case. There is an insane sex scene between her and Courtney, but sadly his ass is the only ass we see! However, the sight of Kate in her sexy undies might just give you the Jolt you're looking for!