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Hunger: Sehnsucht nach Liebe

Hunger: Sehnsucht nach Liebe (1997)

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Bulimia is the primary topic covered in Hunger: Sehnsucht nach Liebe (1997), or, as translated in English, Hunger: Longing for Love. Catherine Flemming plays the woman dealing with the disorder, and the story recounts how she almost got rid of it through a relationship she was involved in. No one at the advertising office that she worked at could tell that she had a problem, but behind the scenes there was plenty of binging and purging activities going on. Flemming has quite a few scenes of nudity throughout. She’s in the shower a couple of times, including right at the beginning of the movie where she bares breasts. She shows all three Bs a couple of times, once in the shower and once in a banging scene. And in a dream sequence she’s walking while stripping off her clothes and her butt gets exposed. If you’re hungry for Germanic breasts, this is a good place to go.