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Here and Now

Here and Now (2018)

Brief Nudity

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HBO's Here and Now was created by the Oscar winning American Beauty (1999) screenwriter/Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, and features plenty of beautiful, naked women to drain your balls to! This one season lasting drama follows the Portland based Bayer-Boatwright family, an eclectic group of ultra-progressives consisting of two parents and their mostly adopted, adult children. Greg (Tim Robbins) and Audrey (Holly Hunter), two intellectual activists, adopted three kids from countries that "America wronged." Ashley (Jerrika Hinton) is from Liberia, Duc (Raymond Lee) is from Vietnam, and Ramon (Daniel Zovatto) is from Colombia - plus they have one biological child of their own; their youngest child Kristen (Sosie Bacon). Most of the drama on this one comes from a family made up of so many different people from such unique backgrounds dealing with racism, religion, and other big issues, though there is also a touch of the supernatural. Ramon begins having hallucinations that seem to have some meaning for their melting pot of a family, which leads to this show ending on an insane cliffhanger it never got a second season to resolve. But the reason you need to track this one down, right now, is because all the Bayer-Boatwrights seem to have their own sexual trysts going on behind the scenes. Miss Bacon is sizzling as she loses her virginity wearing a horse mask, while Jessica Lu plays a prostitute that dad Greg is seeing on a weekly basis. Natasha Liu's breasts can be seen first as she gets banged by a guy while her son watches, then we flash to present day where the son is now banging women as an adult, and we see Lauren Compton's boobs and buns, Nicole Shipley's and Paige Mobley's breasts, and Jesi Le Rae's ass! But the reason you'll want to hunt this one down is to see the ultra-MILFy Holly Hunter showing her hooters really quickly while banging Tim Robbins. We wish we got to see every member of the Bayer-Boatwright fam bare it all on Here and Now!