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Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)

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Hostel director Eli Roth puts his grisly spin on a Twin Peaks trope in the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove (2013-). When a beautiful teenage girl is brutally murdered, the town of Hemlock Grove rallies around the search for her killer. But with seemingly everyone in town hiding a terrible secret, the search for the murderer becomes increasingly complicated. Thankfully for Mr. Skin, the search for nudity on this series is simple, as Shiva Negar turns on her headlights in a car in the first scene of the very first episode. Stay tuned, and you'll also get to see T&A from Emily Piggford in episodes 7&8 and some lusty lesbo lovin' featuring Kandyse McClure and Kaniehtiio Horn in Episode 8. You can get a great look at Madeline Brewer's boobs multiple times throughout season 2. The first of her skin-ful scenes occurs when she takes off her tank top and unhooks her bra, checking herself out in the mirror with chesticles dangling. Two episodes later, Madeline can be watching feeding a demon baby and we get some good looks at her right chest globe. Her mammage is memorably visible in episode five too! Camille de Pazzis gives us a piece of her beautiful breasticles in season three while she bangs a dude and drinks blood. Later in the season we get more looks at her boobs, even though the lighting is bad. What's not bad, though, is Hemlock Grove! Not only will you have your loins stimulated, but your mind and imagination will be stimulated as well!