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Grimm (2012-2016)

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Once upon a time, back when reimagined, gritty fairytale stories were all the rage, NBC jumped into the genre with their 2011 debuting, six season surviving supernatural cop drama Grimm. Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) has seen a lot of odd things during his time on the Portland police department, I mean it's Portland, but when the seasoned cop starts seeing supernatural occurrences on the beat, he really starts to scratch his head. Nick’s life receives a jolt when his only living relative, Aunt Marie (Marie Kessler), reveals that they are decedents of Grimm, an elite line of creature hunters. Yes, the Brothers Grimm were telling stories based on their own lives battling supernatural creatures, not making them up out of nowhere. Given the heavy task of keeping the balance between mankind and fantasy, Nick soon finds himself doing battle with baddies that come straight from fairy tales. But who else in his life knows the truth about his familial background? And which of his friends are actually on the other side of the Grimms versus evil creatures battle? Part police procedural show, part dark fantasy, Grimm parades out an equal balance of monsters and and sexy beasts. But since this one was on network TV, as you might have guessed the prognosis for nudity is a pretty grim one. Stephanie Nogueras plays one such mysterious creature, a mermaid who- for some reason- wears a bathing suit while swimming around, while Sara Fletcher gives good bikini action in the very same episode. Bitsie Tulloch gives us a bit to work with when she strips down to a black bra, as does Briana Lane in a different episode. Claire Coffee does some under the covers canoodling, while both Jessica Aalvik and Sarah Fletcher flash their bikini bods. But the scene that really had us happily ending ever after, was when the over the top sexy ginger Anne Leighton scorches on screen in a red bra and panties while seducing a lucky man. Why's he get such great tail? Even if you're not into fairy tales, the girls of Grimm will make your hidden fantasies come true!