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Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales (2011-2012)

Hall of Fame Nudity!


Skinemax’s crime drama Femme Fatales (2011-2012) brings film noir and softcore porn to  the small screen. Inspired by the men’s magazine of the same name, the sexy series features Tanit Phoenix. Not only does the smoking hostess with the mostest cleavage introduce every episode, she occasionally appears in the anthology storyline that (un)covers dangerous dames including topless hotties Betsy Rue, Christine Donlon, Gigi Feshold, Heidi Marie, Jennifer Roa, Leilani Sarelle, Jordan Madley, Makinna Ridgway, Melissa Paulo, Sandra McCoy, Stephanie Danielson, and Tammy Felice. During a prison shower scene, Ana Alexander breaks up a soapy situation between naked inmates Heidi James and Kit Willesee while touting her own bountiful breasts and bush. Later, she and Kit bare all as they pleasure each other behind bars! Not to be outdone, Carlee Baker and Anya Monzikova massage each other’s fronts as Cristin Michele presents her peaks and pubes while seducing a dude with handcuffs. Plus, Crystal Allen, Danica Dillon, Daphne Duplaix, Jasmine Waltz, Jes Macallan, Kate Luyben, Madison Dylan, Nicole Moore, Scheana Marie, Shani Pride, Stacy Stas, Tara Radcliffe, Tiffany Brouwer, and Tina Casciani reveal their collective racks and rumps while having fun! Jules Hartley flashes her ass as do Donna W. Scott, Heidi James, Jennifer Thompson, Robin Sydney, Russia Hardy, and Sadie Alexandru, all of whom go full frontal! If that’s not arousing enough, Janelle Marra and Simona Morales reveal their three Bs and lesbian tendencies! Last but not least, Nikki Griffin shows some T&A while riding her guy in a car. Nice honkers!


Ana Alexander

Nude - as Camille

Sadie Alexandru

Nude - as Janelle

Crystal Allen

Nude - as Rhonda

Carlee Baker

Nude - as Beth Odets

Tiffany Brouwer

Nude - as Holly

Tina Casciani

Nude - as Barbara

Stephanie Danielson

Nude - as Emily

Danica Dillon

Nude - as Virginia

Christine Donlon

Nude - as Violet

Daphne Duplaix

Nude - as Alexis

Madison Dylan

Nude - as Alexis

Tammy Felice

Nude - as Kim

Gigi Feshold

Nude - as Bebe

Diana Gettinger

Nude - as Laurie

Nikki Griffin

Nude - as Nicole Ryan

Russia Hardy

Nude - as NA

Jules Hartley

Nude - as Molly Trevor

Heidi James

Nude - as Big Aggie

Kate Luyben

Nude - as Mary Mason

Jes Macallan

Nude - as Susan Voight

Jordan Madley

Nude - as Rachel

Heidi Marie

Nude - as n/a

Scheana Marie

Nude - as Angel Tomlin

Janelle Marra

Nude - as Gloria

Sandra McCoy

Nude - Body Double - as Kelsey Williams

Cristin Michele

Nude - as Cynthia

Anya Monzikova

Nude - as Darla Mckendrick

Nicole Moore

Nude - as Abigail

Simona Morales

Nude - as Clarissa

Melissa Paulo

Nude - as Erida

Tanit Phoenix

Sexy - as Lilith

Shani Pride

Nude - as Tatiana

Tara Radcliffe

Nude - as Joanne Terranova

Makinna Ridgway

Nude - as Angelica

Jennifer Roa

Nude - as Norma Swanson

Betsy Rue

Nude - as Libra

Leilani Sarelle

Nude - as Veronica Flood

Donna W. Scott

Nude - as N/A

Stacy Stas

Nude - as Jessica

Robin Sydney

Nude - as Lindsey

Jennifer Thompson

Nude - as Ace's New Girl

Diana Elizabeth Torres

Nude - as Lydia Gonzales

Tiffany Tynes

Tina Hendricks

Jasmine Waltz

Nude - as Tara

Kit Willesee

Nude - as Lacey Rivers

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