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Scandal (2012-2017)

No Nudity

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Scandal is a series from the creator of Grey's Anatomy, so every woman you know is watching it! The series follows the exploits of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a professional fixer trained in dealing with a highly specialized form of problem solving. Since she started her career as the Communications Director for the White House, she has a lot of clients in high places, but she's also made a lot of enemies along the way, meaning that she's never too far from danger. Since this is a primetime series, don't expect much in the way of skin! Episode 46, "The Fluffer," featured some sensational cleavage courtesy of Bellamy Young! Bellamy's boppers look terrific, though they're sadly hidden behind a sexy black bra! It's not much, but it's certainly more than you can normally get on a major network! The only Scandal here is how many squandered opportunities they've had to show some skin!