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Haunting Desires

Haunting Desires (2002)

Great Nudity!


Haunting Desires (2002) begins with something haunting. Who would’ve guessed? Plot unfolds when a young man is found dead behind the wheel of his car and strange wounds are found on his neck. Well, strange is sort of subjective. They’re only that strange if you’ve never lived in a place that has never had Halloween or vampires. Luckily cub reporter Jill O’Conner (Beverly Lynne) is on the case! This all leads to a hip club called Underworld. It’s all the rage.

Speaking of raging, luckily you will some babes get their rage on in this movie. Expose yourself! Let it all hang loose! Belinda Gavin does. She’s got boobs for daaaaays. Championship cans. The illustrious Beverly Lynne is also down for some hooter action, but I don’t mean anything having to do with skimpy outfits and chicken wings. I’m talking real hooters! Out and about and having a fun free ride and life.