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Guardami (1999)

Great Nudity!

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Inspired by the life of Italian porn princess Moana Pozzi, Guardami (1999) tells the tale of a hot piece of tail named Nina. She's super-hottie Elisabetta Cavallotti, and she's as independent as those who come for a living come—she doesn't need a manager, an agent, or anyone else to tell her what (or who) to do (and do . . . and do!). She has a daughter and a girlfriend, porno editrix Stefania Orsola Garello, and everything seems fine and dandy for this hands-on ma'am. Then she learns she has cancer, and everything changes. Guardami follows Liz as she spirals downward into The Great Debauch, and as brutal as it gets, it's also mighty hot. There's nothing that bella Elisabetta won't do, and you'll see a lotti of the daring Ms. Cavallotti here. Torture, rough sex, bondage, you name it—the director even seems to have the hots for gyno shots. It's for those who like to see a little streak amongst the bleak. If you like teats, give it a peek.