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Geschäfte (1994)

Brief Nudity
  • Directed by: Michael Schottenberg
  • Theatrical Release: 10/10/1995
  • Country: Austria, Germany
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Geschäfte (1995) is a German TV movie that stars Susanne Lothar as Livia. She is the kind of woman who drives us wild, and makes us a bit jealous to boot. She’s seen her in a slip that’s slipping off her left boob, which may be still holstered in a bra, but it’s a transparent bra. As she undresses, there’s just something about her meaty body and it’s movements, like an ocean of flesh, that hits us in our sweet spot. The green-eyed monster raises its head when Susanne is naked and her lover mounts her from atop. Damn him! Even as we get hard watching her writhe in ecstasy, exposing more boob and hinting at her sugar patch between her muscular thighs, we’re pissed off. That should be us fucking her!