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Game of Love

Game of Love (2022)

Brief Nudity

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Wayne Fontana once crooned that the purpose of a man is to love a woman before inviting the listener to play the game of love, and frankly it's a good thing he didn't live to see his song get appropriated for the title of a Bella Thorne movie. Game of Love (2022) is a sequel to the previous year's Time Is Up (2021), showing the further adventures of Thorne's Vivien and her true love Roy (Benjamin Mascolo). Vivien accompanies Roy to his childhood home where skeletons emerge in a steady stream from Roy's past, most especially his ties to a woman named Anna (Alma Noce), whom Vivien instantly befriends without any awareness of her past with Roy. Shit's about to get real... real sexy that is, as Alma Noce makes her nude debut here, going topless to skinny dip with Bella Thorne, who shows off her bethonged booty, but is also wearing nipple patches. Skip to the 51 minute mark when Alma and Bella make out and strip each other down to nearly nothing while trying to entice the man they both love into a threesome! No spoilers here on how that one ends!