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Final Impact

Final Impact (1992)

No Nudity

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Final Impact (1992) features kickboxers seeking world titles. When former world champion Nick (Lorenzo Lamas) discovers new fighter Danny (Michael Worth). Nick trains Danny to become the next world champion, but they end up meeting Joe (Mike Toney), who once dethroned Nick from his title, and this reminds Nick of how angry he was at his former rival. 

Final Impact might be about the boys, but we're here for the fit and sexy gals. Cutie Kathleen Kinmont is easy on the eyes when she wears her one-piece swimsuit in the pool with some pokies visible as she gets out. Kathleen has an amazing figure for swimsuits, but we also love watching women wrestle in spandex. Michelle Grassnick and Erika Nann show off how fit they are when the two of them wrestle each other in the background of a scene in the gym. In the very opening of the movie there are close up shots of different women putting on their skimpy wrestling outfits, including Michelle and a tight one-piece outfit on Antoinette Steen. Antoinette also referees a match in a striped string bikini that is barely clinging to her foxy figure. These women know how to make a Final Impact!