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Actress Jennifer Thompson is too hot to trot, but luckily the screen is there to try to contain all her flirty feistiness. The raven-haired hottie had a nice little run in the mid 2010's after making her debut in an episode of 1000 Ways to Die back in 2011. Most people got their first glimpse of Jennifer's to-die-for jugs when she had a small, but bikini-clad role in Magic Mike (2012), which was very welcome. After all, you can only watch so much oiled up Channing Tatum and leather chap-wearing Matthew McConaughey before you need to see a hot chick just to keep some serious questions about what gives you a rise in the pants from popping up. Thankfully, we got to see Miss Thompson's whole hand as Ace's New Girl in the Skinemax anthology Femme Fatales (2012). In the episode "Jail Break", which is the story of a pair of sexy convicts conning a male guard into helping them hop the fence by jumping his bones, we see Jennifer in all her dress-on-the-ground glory. Miss Thompson gets completely unclothed with nary a panty or bra in sight before straddling her lover. Her small bush and smooth hips are a sight to behold as they work Ace's club, as are her luscious lemons that are just begging for a squeeze. Hey Ace, we're not from Texas but we'd sure like to hold em! Never again hitting the heights of that horniness-inducing hullabaloo, Jennie went on to take small roles in the star-studded mafia period piece Gangster Squad (2013) and the Selena Gomez-starring sex comedy with a zero percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, Behaving Badly (2014). Most recently she played a role in the upcoming ballet drama Of Gods and Kings. Let's pray to the nudity gods she takes her clothes off again!