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Felicity (1979)

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Years before audiences were enjoying the wholesome looks on Keri Russell in the small screen series Felicity (1998-2002), adults were paying to view the boobs on Glory Annen in Felicity (1979) on the big screen. The Australian sexploitation flick stars Canadian actress Glory Annen in the title role. Set in a Catholic boarding school, sexy student Felicity spends her time reading erotic novels with her lesbian lover Jenny (Jody Hanson). In other words, the perky pubescent grows up — and out in this softcore classic. While on holiday in Hong Kong, Felicity stays with her father’s friends (Marilyn Rodgers and Gordon Charles) who introduce her to a young dude (David Bradshaw) who deflowers her. While in China, Felicity also meets Me Ling (Joni Flynn) who sets her on a kinky path. Glory is perfect as a curious teen who tests out exhibitionism, skinny-dipping, heavy petting, and a bunch of other things. As such, we get to see Ms. Annen’s awesome ass as well as her bare breasts and bush. During a bathhouse scene, Felicity and Me Ling doff their duds with two other nude ingénues (Angela Menzies-Wills and Sarah Lee) to enjoy some girl on girl on girl on girl action! Instead of showing their three Bs, we get to see 4 girls x 3 Bs which comes to 12 Bs. That’s extra steamy! Suffice it to say, only few films flash as much flesh as this one does. And if that’s not arousing enough, check out John Lamond’s unrated Director’s Cut!