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The hot and delectable Sarah Lee is sweeter than pastry and less fattening. This adventuresome actress has only a couple of credits, but it’s enough to keep us whacking off for years. her debut is in the romantic-erotic drama from Australia, Felicity (1979), the tale of a young girl who lives out her sexual fantasies. Sarah is Bathhouse Girl 2, and like anybody in a bathhouse, she is completely nude and on the prowl for some perverted pleasure. Her teats, butt and pussy find that and more in a lesbian scene that will have you smelling fish for days. After that, she landed in a war comedy called The Odd Angry Shot (1979), where she plays the bit bar of the Bar Girl. One thing is for sure, Sarah raises the bar for arousal and your penis at the same time. One thing is also true about this effortlessly fine specimen...Sarah Lee is very lenient on the number of cinema roles she decided to take on. It's a shame too, because this chick showed a lot of skin-ful potential in her short filmography. Perhaps showbiz was simply not her bag, or maybe she never found a producer, writer, or director she particularly wanted to explore her naughty side with. Whatever the reason, Skin Central will continue to keep its radar pointed towards Ms. Lee for years to come. Why? Because there's always the off chance that she may have starred in skin-tastic content that's yet undiscovered. Naked Sarah Lee would be one hell of a great dessert!