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Faster Than Fear

Faster Than Fear (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


For the young, up and coming detective, Sunny Becker (Friederike Becht), her life is entirely about her work.  She lives to bust bad guys but has been having a hard time keeping her life together outside of the precinct.  Her partner is the only one in the department who knows that she is facing some real life trauma that she needs to handle with therapy before she ends up bringing it in with her.  When we first meet her, she is hot on the trail of the downright evil woman murderer, André Haffner (Felix Klare), who swam his way to freedom in a daring prison break.  Now that André is back in the world after trudging through the woods completely naked, he now has to get his connections in order so that he can complete his evil ways, reconnecting with his lady on the outside, Tina (Hannah Ehrlichmann).  He's not just trying to escape, he's trying to rack up a body count for the ages, especially knowing that he has Sunny chasing him to the ends of Deutschland, looking for any excuse to shoot him!  Along the way, he's killing anyone and everyone who gets in his way, even a little bit, but Sunny is facing her own demons while in hot pursuit of this scumbag and the evil that stirs up all sorts of bad memories of her own history with a similar bad guy. Lucky for us, Hannah Ehrlichmann doesn't shy away from showing off her boobies and buns in a sex scene in episode 2 for her Nudecomer debut in this series!