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Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin (2017-2020)

Brief Nudity

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Germans are thrilled with TV’s Teutonic thriller Babylon Berlin (2017-2020). Yes, the boob tube is where the drama belongs since Leonie Benesch, Severija Janusauskaite and Sophie Pfennigstorf bare their breasts, while Nina Gummich and Liv Lisa Fries display their pretty pokies. In another scene, the latter lady (and her bare chest) can be seen in a leather harness! We also get a great look at Liv’s wunderbar bod as she chains a bloke up before they go to bone town! If that’s not hot enough, the hottie dons a pair of see-through panties that expose her bush beneath. Let’s hear it for overwhelming undies! Speaking of, Vera Lohmann (Caro Cult) offers up some up-skirt action during a chase scene. Since the coverage is quick, viewers may wonder whether to hit slow-motion or freeze-frame. Whichever speed you choose, your pulse will be racing! While portraying a porn actress, foxy Franziska Holitschke shows off her nude boobs, bare booty and merkin. We get a great look at her terrific ta-tas when she bends over a bale of hay to be double-teamed by two men who are cocked and ready to unload their sex pistols! So, that’s why the show won an Achievement in Fiction Series Award from the European Film Awards. Regardless of such accolades, it’s the police program’s curvaceous cast that will have you raising a thumb (and another part of your anatomy) up. This is true when a butt-baring Helga (Hannah Herzsprung) seduces Inspector Rath (Volker Bruch). Talk about a private dick!