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Fargo (2014-)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Based on the 1996 film of the same name, Fargo is a television series from the FX network that first aired in the Spring of 2014. It followed a drifter named Lorne (Billy Bob Thornton) who finds himself in a small town in Minnesota, where he quickly takes over and begins to strongarm the citizens of the town. The first person to fall under his influence is an insurance salesman named Lester (Martin Freeman) for whom Lorne has some seriously twisted plans. Since then, each season has taken it's own anthology twist on crimes happening in frozen Minnesota - and somehow, they're all connected to Fargo, North Dakota. The first season brought a sexy scene from Lori Ravensborg, who banged a guy in her underwear, and then we got to see bare buns from Rachel Keller in season 2 episode 4 while she lay facedown on a bed and is pointing her bare rump toward the ceiling. Nice! Then there are the underwear shots from Leah Cairns and Kate Walsh in a sex scene, and the sculpted caboose on Mary Elizabeth Winstead when she got out of a bath. Fargo might just make your top blow! This boob tube show is endlessly binge-able with its dramatic storytelling, dark comedy, and an endless array of hot ladies showing up to give flesh fiends something to think about (and wank over). It may not feature as much flesh as Mr. Skin would prefer, but the entertainment value more than makes up for it.