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Fanfan (1993)

Great Nudity!

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A man bored with his marriage has to decide if he's in love with the newest hot young thing or just a fan of having a fun new fling in the French rom-com Fanfan (1993). Vincent Perez is Alexandre, a married man who is pretty bored of life with his wife Laure (Marine Delterme). While hot, Laure's kind of a bore, and she doesn't sexually excite him the way she once did. When off visiting friends, Alexandre becomes enamored with young Fanfan (Sophie Marceau). Fanfan is studying for her certification in the perfume industry, but in the meantime teaches children acrobatics. Her and Alexandre are instantly enamored with each other, but since he's married and has a tendency to get sick of women once he's been with them for a while, he decides he'll just flirt with her forever but never get involved. Fanfan hates that plan, and soon enough she's informing Alexandre that she's got a ton of men chasing after her Fan-fanny, including Paul (Bruno Todeschini), a sculptor she enjoys posing nude for. Suddenly, Alexandre has to decide to dump his wife and be her man, or let her loose and return to life with his boring wife. After seeing Fanfan's cans, it's really not a tough choice! Miss Marceau gives us a show as she does a little topless sunbathing with Alexandre, letting him run lotion on her back before rolling over and displaying her rack. Things are really heating up before his wife shows up and spoils the whole thing. Way to ruin the Funfun! After seeing that perky pair, you'll be a big fan of Marcie's mams in Fanfan