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Enter the Void

Enter the Void (2009)

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Directed by controversial filmmaker Gaspar Noé, the psychedelic supernatural sci-fi flick Enter the Void (2009) tells the story of an American drug dealer (Nathaniel Brown) killed by the police in Tokyo, who becomes a ghost to watch over his damaged sister (Paz de la Huerta). Nathaniel Brown is Oscar, an orphaned American ex-pat who has to turn to drug dealing to support himself. His sister Linda, who he lives with, has resorted to being a private stripper to pay her bills. But when Oscar is killed by the cops, the whole movie shifts to a first person perspective as his soul follows around his sister, who is now completely alone. We'd like to follow around Paz de la Huerta too, especially in the shower! This trippy flick starts jumping around in time, showing us how Oscar ended up where he was, as well as showing what happens to Linda without her brother around. Along with tons of crazy, computer-generated special effects, we get to see plenty of Paz's boobs, butt, and bush as she dances in clubs, makes out with a Japanese girl in a bathroom, and gets rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Oscar might have kicked the bucket, butafter seeing that kickass body, we're sure she'll have no problem finding a sugar daddy to take care of her. Janice Béliveau-Sicotte looks incredibly hot as Oscar's mom, who we get to see doing it doggy style, and feeding Oscar from her awesome tits! Sara Stockbridge also strips, when Oscar flashes back to when he lost his virginity. If you like it weird stuff that shows all sorts of sexy women showing their stuff, then don't avoid Enter the Void.