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Nude Roles: 9

Birthplace: Basingstoke and Deane, Hampshire, ENG

Date of Birth: 06/10/65

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The Weight of Water (2000) Nude, breasts 00:25:11 Brief right breastage as she rubs ice down her body. Hot! No, cold. No, HOT! (1 min 14 secs)
Rowing with the Wind (1987) Nude, breasts 00:27:00 I can guarantee that Hugh Grant is not thinking about Divine Brown in this clip--Liz doffs her dressing gown to show her divine boobs! (14 secs)
The Weight of Water (2000) Nude, breasts 00:26:47 Brief breasts as she jumps up to catch papers blowing across the deck. (55 secs)
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Elizabeth Hurley made eyeballs pop when she arrived on the arm of then-beau Hugh Grant in a nipple-dangling dollop of fabric called a Versace dress for the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). Her barely wrapped gifts of two knock-'em-down knockers put her forever at the top of the gossip pages. In time, her relationship with Grant was history, and the rest is her story. Elizabeth's D-cups runneth over in such filmic fleshtaculars as the topless bathing scene in The Weight of Water (2000) and her just-covered naughty bits teasing in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).

Many fans of this sophisticated and sexy brunette babe are left wondering: where can I see Elizabeth Hurley nude? Are there naked photos of Elizabeth Hurley? Can I watch a video that captures Elizabeth Hurley in a hot nude scene? Well, we do have good news for those who are wondering such things. Ask and ye shall receive: Elizabeth Hurley has definitely gone nude.

Liz stands tall at 5'7", but she probably feels even taller due to her effortless confidence. She hails from Basingstoke, Hampshire, in England and her hot scenes will have you stroking yourself. She originally wanted to be a dancer, but acting classes at the London Studio Centre made the artistic former punk rocker decide to become an actress. She was actually in a punk band called The Vestel Virgins which is a tantalizing name for a hot chick like Elizabeth Hurley. She dyed her hair back to her natural color from her punky pink locks, got rid of her nose ring, and started flaunting her dancer's body wherever she could. It worked! After college, she had no problem at all being cast in theater shows (oh, to be one of those lucky audience members who got to see the young Ms. Hurley up close and personal) before she ultimately landed her screen debut in 1987's Aria.

Her bountiful boobage is uncovered in earlier fare such as the boobalicious Aria (1987), Kill Cruise (1990), and Shameless (1995), in which Elizabeth can't seem to keep her shirt on. In fact, she was shameless about tossing off her top for a sex scene that was filled with Hurley's moans. That's a small list of Elizabeth Hurley's movies and we are only just getting started. Aria was a GREAT debut for the beautiful young woman who was happy to show off her suck sacks as soon as she had the chance. This film is filled with nudity and the lovely Liz makes herself a total standout.

1990's Kill Cruise is a lesser-known film that delivered two very sexy topless scenes, including one in which Elizabeth does a seductress dance that strips away her sequin costume for her birthday suit. She looks even more killer prior to that when she starred in the 1987 period piece Rowing with the Wind which also starred Hugh Grant. That's how these two first got together! It's no wonder why: she shows her tiddies and they are timeless.

Liz was also devilishly delicious looking in Bedazzled (2000) which showed seriously dazzling cleavage when she played the Devil incarnate. After that, she went on to star in her underwear in Dangerous Ground (1997), Serving Sara (2002), Dawg in 2002. She did not go nude in Dawg despite what so many people hoped for. That's quite all right because she would soon go nude again. She decided to show her boobs again in The Weight of Water (2000) which was directed by the one and only Kathryn Bigelow. In that film, she plays a temptress whom a married man wants to have an affair with. Tale as old as time for Elizabeth, no doubt. She is basically the cocktease of every man's dreams when she sunbathes topless on a yacht. She even mimes sucking dick when she puts a whole finger in her mouth. She lets the camera take a look at her cans as she lifts her chest momentarily. Those breasts aren't just water weight - those all-natural knockers are 100% Elizabeth Hurley.

She didn't stop going topless there. She showed double mams in Double Whammy (2001) when she lays down in a post-coital embrace on the ground. She made a friend of all of us with two topless scenes in 1994's Sharpe's Enemy. She also bore boobage in El Largo Invierno which was muy caliente. Whoa, that's a whole lotta Hurley hotters!

From Gossip Girl to Edtv (1999) the sexy model has showed she has some serious acting chops and is more than just a pretty face. That said, her return to TV in The Royals is so sexy it will have you handling your royal scepter. Liz doesn’t look a day over 30 when she drops her dress and stands in front of her man in her underwear. Later, she slips her dress off to reveal her see-through undies that give us a good look at her tight bod. It’s when she steps out in a sheer, lace cover with just some cheeky panties on under it that Liz is at her most racktastic. While she discusses her birthday plans, your eyes will be glued to her ample cupcakes.

Elizabeth is often connected to the wild affairs that she had in the 1990s. Allegedly, she even had a year-long affair with President Clinton. She is best known for her rocky relationship with Hugh Grant in which the tabloids picked up on the scandal that was Hugh's infidelity. Who could ever cheat on Elizabeth Hurley?!

During the 1990s and 2000s, she was the face of Estee Lauder and she was also mixed up in several scandals and controversies. She was just trying to be beautiful and talented, but people loved to pick on this pretty vixen. She made some disparaging remarks about other actresses that hit the press and she had some other issues with stars, some of whom called for her to be blacklisted from Hollywood. Amazingly, Elizabeth Hurley overcame all of that hate. It did take some time and Ms. Hurley took nearly a decade off of acting. Between her 2004 film Method and her 2010 film Made in Romania, she hadn't acted in anything else. She took time off to focus on her family and live a relatively quiet life until she probably couldn't be quiet anymore. Divorcing her husband likely had something to do with that as well as the divorce was finalized in 2011. Single, sexy, and likely in need of some cash to pay for her kids' schooling, this MILF returned to the big screen in a big way.

In non-nude roles, the older Hurley used her assertive British voice and looks to star in Marvel's Runaways (2019) as Morgan le Fay, The Royals (2015) as Queen Helena, and some campy Christmas films like Father Christmas Is Back and Christmas in the Caribbean. She keeps herself very busy and she also keeps herself looking tight and right. This gorgeous girl ages like wine - delicious British wine.

Whether she is playing the Devil, a businesswoman, a spy, or a housewife, Ms. Hurley always makes it sexy. We can’t wait to see what she is going to show us next.


Viktor (2014) - as Alexandra Ivanov

Dawg (2002) - as Anna Lockheart

Serving Sara (2002) - as Sara Moore

Double Whammy (2001) - as Ann Beamer

Nude, breasts 00:49:00 Elizabeth lets one of her nipples peek out while making out with Denis Leary. Oops! (1 min 16 secs)

Bedazzled (2000) - as The Devil

The Weight of Water (2000) - as Adaline Gunne

Nude, breasts 00:25:11 Brief right breastage as she rubs ice down her body. Hot! No, cold. No, HOT! (1 min 14 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:26:47 Brief breasts as she jumps up to catch papers blowing across the deck. (55 secs)

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) - as Vanessa Kensington

Permanent Midnight (1998) - as Sandra

Dangerous Ground (1997) - as Karen

Shameless (1995) - as Antonia

Nude, breasts 00:35:00 Liz's luscious lemons are on display as the very lucky C. Thomas Howell commits Softcore Sex with her. (1 min 18 secs)

Sharpe's Enemy (1994) - as Lady Farthingdale

Nude, breasts 00:44:19 Liz unlaces her old-timey dress and busts out her legendary lactoids for them. (18 secs)

Nightscare (1993) - as Stephanie Lyell

Nude, breasts, thong 00:21:00 Brief left breast and thonged-bunnage as Liz grinds atop a guy in a dream-sequence. Purple-lit and goofy. (28 secs)

El Largo invierno (1992) - as Emma Stapleton

Kill Cruise (1990) - as Lou

Nude, breasts 00:14:00 Elizabeth shows off an exceptionally brief smattering of hootage and some nice white cotton spankies during a bit of a striptease. After this scene, Hugh Grant offered her fifty bucks for a BJ in the alley. (52 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:09:00 Side shot of Liz's right rock after Jurgen Prochnow finishes sucking on it. Hello, nipple! (12 secs)

Aria (1987) - as Marietta

Nude, breasts, butt 00:49:12 Elizabeth's boobs and buns come out to play as some lucky dude helps her out of her dress before they sing nakedly. We can think of several things we'd like to do with a naked Liz, and none of 'em involve opera. (59 secs)

Rowing with the Wind (1987) - as Claire Clairmont

Nude, breasts 00:27:00 I can guarantee that Hugh Grant is not thinking about Divine Brown in this clip--Liz doffs her dressing gown to show her divine boobs! (14 secs)

TV Shows

Marvel's Runaways (2017-2019) - as Morgan le Fay

The Royals (2015-2018) - as Queen Helena

Gossip Girl (2007-2012) - as Diana Payne

VH1 Divas Live - as Herself

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