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Double Whammy

Double Whammy (2001)

Brief Nudity

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Double Whammy (2001) begins with a troubled nut slamming his car through the window of a fast-food joint and opening fire on the diners. Copper Denis Leary tries to stop him, but his back gives out and he falls and conks his head. A ten-year-old boy grabs Denis's gun and fells the crazy fella, ensuring that the poor cop will be a laughing stock for years to come. Denis tries his best to deal with the ribbing and kidding and unwanted fame, and some of his ideas are ingenious . . . like, for example, getting together with Elizabeth Hurley! Okay, that might be the only one. But what a great idea it is! If only everyone had the option of healing with the help of Liz snizz. Double Whammy is packed with subplots that come together in a fine, Tarantinoesque fashion, including cop Steve Buscemi's suspicions that he might be gay. In the end, Denis gets a chance to redeem himself to the world, but will it work, or will his life be a double disaster?