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Life’s a bitch when you’re a wealthy teenager living in New York’s Upper East Side. Constant catfights, power struggles, parental infidelities, and early admission to the Ivy of your choice are just a few of the dramatic injustices plaguing the wealthy heroes of Gossip Girl. We're talking about the original, breakout CW series that debuted in 2007, of course, with all due respect to the HBO Max reboot they rolled out in 2021. The plot was simple but brilliant: there's a mysterious blogger (okay, so the show's a bit dated) who somehow has all the dirt on the ultra-horny teens of Manhattan's Constance-Billard School and causes all sorts of chaos whenever they post their new paragraph. But even the mysterious blogger with their finger firmly on the pulse of these rich kids doesn't know why the baddest bitch in the school, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), came back after heading out for boarding school just a year, ago. It's not a huge deal, but the problem is, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) took her post as the Alpha female at the school, and isn't all that happy to return to second billing. Throw in some wild stuff like a Hilary Duff threesome, unintended pregnancies, revenge sex tapes, fake deaths and more, and this campy primetime soap provided the juiciest teen television possible for six solid seasons. Blair or Serena? We'd do both. Preferably at the same time! For the young gentlemen who prefer blondes, Blake's an unstoppable force of hormone induced horniness thanks to her gorgeous bikini body we see a few times. The long and lean, golden haired goddess will stop you dead in your tracks with her beauty! But if brunettes are your preferred flavor, Leighton Meester will have you cranking your little mister after seeing her in a corset and panties. Great pair, Blair. Throw in an undie covered Hilary Duff diving muff with Jessica Szohr, and you'll constantly unzip to the girls of Gossip! Sex-Oh! Sex-Oh! Gossip Girl.