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Driftwood (2016)

Brief Nudity


(0:01) While riding in the back of a truck, Joslyn Jensen''s left breast is nearly coming out of her gown. (0:06) After being on the toilet a guy takes off the gown of Joslyn Jensen. We see part of her back and her hips down to just above her butt. Then she is sitting in the bathtub as he washes her hair. Her right breast is visible and we can see some partial bush as well. (0:15) We see breasts on Joslyn Jensen in the bathtub. (0:38) ON TV a guy watches a WOMAN in a bikini floundering on the beach by the ocean. (This could be Larissa Taylor or Andrea Brignolo. It's not the Larissa Taylor bodybuilder I found) (0:40) Joslyn Jensen sits on the couch in her bra. Partial panties visible too. (1:10) Leggy Joslyn Jensen sitting down in her dress.