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Dominion (2014-2015)

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Dominion is a biblical television show that first aired on SyFy in the summer of 2014, which was loosely based on a world created by the 2010 film Legion. Using that film as a prequel, viewers are dropped into a world where God has given up on humanity and apparently disappeared, which opens the door for  the angel Gabriel (Carl Beukes) to slaughter the humans and take over the earth. The only things that have kept humanity alive thus far are the friendly to man archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) and a soldier named Alex (Christopher Egan). Holed up in what's left of Sin City, the war is a constant battle with both sides making little progress. But even amidst all the fighting the big question remains: where'd God go? The best of humanity are the women with humongous titties, but since this is a basic cable series, it's not going to be the most skinsational thing around. Still, we were pleasantly surprised to see Kim Engelbrecht's beautiful backside in the debut episode as she shares a communal shower with some dudes! There's also some sci-fi sexiness from Shivani Ghai, who is naked in a tub, but creative editing keeps us from seeing anything good unfortunately! It was still pretty good watching her make out with Katrine De Candole! We'll dom or sub for either of those women in Dominion! Inge Beckmann shows Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer her bum, while Roxanne McKee's keaster appears during some post-sex spooning. Christina Chong brings the heat in a thong, Amy Bailey hides her hooters behind her long hair, and more! Good thing God's gone, because we're about to do some sinning to those hotties in Dominion