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Digging for Fire

Digging for Fire (2015)

No Nudity

Top Scene


A comedy about the pains of marriage and parenting combined with a murder mystery? If that sounds impossible, that's because it should be. It's not, though, and Digging for Fire pulls off the "dramedy" genre flawlessly. A husband and wife are house sitting at a huge house up on a hill, and they find a human bone and a gun. The wife (played by Rosemarie DeWitt) leaves for the weekend, dropping their son off at her moms while she goes out for a girl's night. The husband (Jake Johnson) stays at the house, inviting a plethora of his friends and random hotties over to help him solve the mystery. Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Jenny Slate, and Lindsay Burdge may not get naked in this Sundance film, but they do show off their hot bods in the pool and the shower.