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Major Arcana

Major Arcana (2018)

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Major Arcana (2018) is an independent drama about a carpenter who is struggling with his life, so he comes back to his hometown in rural Vermont where he puts his skills to the test by attempting to build a log cabin by hand. He desperately wants to make something of himself to rise above the cycles of addiction and poverty that haunts his family linage as well as the people that live in his small town. He reconnects with a woman in town named Sierra that he shares a past with and finds himself returning emotionally to he who was when he knew her last. He struggles in a kind of push-pull relationship with her now and her in the past as well as who he once was and who he hopes to be. We told you, it's a drama! Major Arcana refers to tarot cards and the cards are currently telling us that hot babes are in your future. How's that sound? The tasty Tara Summers plays Sierra who gives us a refreshing look at her body when she chills out on the couch wearing her black bra and panties. She gets us perked up when she pours a can of beer down her cleavage and asks the leading man to lick it up. Okay, that's a hot fantasy come to life, right?! We could get drunk off of our view of those delicious domes. If you wanted cleavage, then it's definitely in the cards as Major Arcana shows some major sexiness.