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Deadly Birthday Party

Deadly Birthday Party (2014)

Brief Nudity


(0:03) WOMAN in the shower. We see a lot of left sideboob and then just a hint of her left nipple before blood begins pouring over her. (This may supposed to be Laila El-Damanhoury.)(0:14) Tola Bull showing us a great shot of her breasts in the shower and then putting a bra on.(0:33) Dajana Gierth in a towel. After talking on the phone and going upstairs she puts a bra on. We only see the straps. Then some brief panties putting her jeans on at which point we get a really nice shot of her in her bra.(0:52) Julia Lorenz in a bra and a blonde wig in the mriror.(0:54) Julia Lorenz begins making out with Dajana Gierth on a countertop.(1:15) Dajana Gierth kisses Julia Lorenz after killing her.