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Daylight Fades (2009)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Brad Ellis
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: 11/01/2009
  • Country: USA
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(0:10) Rachel Miles doing some sexy dancing with a guy at a club in a shirt that displays she inner cleavage. (0:13) We move in from across the room on Rachel Miles on top of a guy in bed doing some slow thrusting while riding him. We can see some side right boob. Then they switch positions and he has his hand over her left boob while screwing her. (0:39) Rachel Miles in bed with guy. Her bare right thigh draped over the guy. Blankets covering her hips. (0:57) Rachel Kimsey comes out in a black bra and panties lingerie set revealed in an open robe. She begins to make out with a guy on the couch in the hopes of biting him. She is thrown off of him and sexily uses her leg to keep him at bay. She then goes up stairs with another guy. (1:13) Clare Grant is in bed with a guy in her bra as he aggressively makes moves on her but then leaves her when he can't bite her. (1:15) After Clare Grant runs out of the house, Rachel Kimsey grabs her and exposes Grant's bra again getting ready to bite her.


Clare Grant

Sexy - as Shaunaunderwear

Rachel Miles

Sexy - as ElizabethSexy

Rachel Kimsey

Sexy - as Ravenunderwear

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