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Das beste Stück (2002)

Brief Nudity

In the earlier years of this millennium, Oliver Schmitz made a sex comedy TV movie called Das best Stück (2002). It’s about a character named Mark who has a girlfriend, but the size of his member doesn’t really satisfy her. He’s aware of the fact, but he prepares to pop the big question anyway. Just when he’s about to do it, he finds her banging another dude, and this makes him resolve to stay away from women for a while. It’s too bad that almost immediately after, he meets a teacher that he likes and who likes him back. Still too ashamed of his tiny wang, he tries to make excuses for why the two of them can’t hop in bed together. Nina Bott plays the first girlfriend, and she shows both breasts and butt in a banging scene. The second girlfriend, Doreen Jacobi, doesn’t have any nude scenes, but she does look great in a swimsuit. Make sure your eyes don’t get Stück to the screen!


Doreen Jacobi

Sexy - as LaraSexy, bikini

5 Pics
Nina Bott

Nude - as Sonjabreasts, butt

10 Pics

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