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Curse of the Pink Panties

Curse of the Pink Panties

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You might think that Curse of the Pink Panties (2007) was a sexploitation parody of Curse of the Pink Panther, but that would be giving this low budget crapsterpiece far too much credit. No, it's pretty much what it sounds like--As an aspiring lingerie model performs a black magic ceremony to impress a potential employer (just go with it), the spirits of a gaggle of recently deceased gangsters (again, just go with it) are harnessed and brought back to earth...right into the girls' panties! And while this movie is bursting at the seams with sexy girls like Sarah Christine Pletcher, Danielle Kreinik, Kira Turnage, Laura Lyon Rossi, Kennedy Winters,  Ajubeka Adekoya, Judy Shepard and Reagan Brooke, none of them ever think to take off those possessed panties, leaving Mr. Skin with very little to exorcise the spook in his shorts.