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Counterpart (2017-2019)

Great Nudity!


The Starz! original series Counterpart made its debut in early 2018, as a long overdue starring vehicle for beloved character actor J.K. Simmons! Simmons steps into the role of Howard Silk, an agent working for the UN who discovers that his employers have been secretly guarding a doorway to another dimension. Discovered in the 80s, this door leads to a parallel world sort of similar to ours, though it has steadily diverged from our own reality since the time of its discovery. The UN desperately wants to keep this one a secret, since their world dealt with a flu outbreak that killed millions back in the 90's which the other earth suspects our world unleashed on them, intentionally. Needless to say, that causes all sorts of tensions between the two worlds, and Howard becomes a hugely important person in making sure things stay peaceful between the parallel planets. Suddenly, we've got a sci-fi spy thriller where nobody can be trusted. Even the other version of you. Since it was on premium cable for the two seasons it lasted, we were counting on top notch titties being the best part of Counterpart. Watch the Oscar winner from Whiplash (2014), then whip it out whenever there's a naked hottie: it seemed like a winning formula. The series got off to a slow start with no nudity in the debut episode, but Sara Serraiocco rode to the rescue by going topless in episode two, along with some supporting sexiness from Olivia Williams! Would you like fries with that? Apparently Sara would, since we get to see her getting lezzy with Liv Lisa Fries a few episodes later. If he survived the flu, the other you would still happily spew to that girl on girl! Lena Meckel shows all three B's taking it doggystyle, while Krissi Bohn gave us a massive boner baring her black bombs while lying in bed with her man. Add to that some nips from Jelena Nik, and we suspect you'll be having a close en-Counter with your private part!