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Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Who better to cast as a privileged man-boy than the perennial never aging man-boy himself, Elijah Wood!  This bizarre and very gruesome blend of horror and comedy follows Norval Greenwood, who heads up to a remote cabin in the woods to try and reconnect with his mysterious hermit of a father that he barely knows at all!  In 30 years, a lot can happen and people can change, but to what degree is the normally boring Norval going to go to when this daddy starts to become more and more deranged as he gets closer to discovering dear old dad's past that is slowly coming to catch both of them???  Well there is only one real naughty scene by way of a swinger F-Shack wake up call with a bunch of guys Pooh-Bearing it, but in the midst of those bottomless bros, we do get the incomparably sexy Alla Rouba in just a thong with her perfect party pillows on full display!  Those Kazak cushions are bound to make you "Rouba one out" when they hit the screen for her Nude-Comer debut.  All praise be to, Alla!