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Close (2004)

Brief Nudity


Close (2004) is a German drama about a petty pickpocket who wanders the streets at night robbing helpless victims. When he flees the scene of one of his crimes, he escapes into the window of a woman's apartment. The woman (Julie Bowe) allows him to come in and spend the night, and when he leaves the next morning, we discover that she is the only tenant in a building that is about to be demolished. He returns each night to visit her, and the film becomes a story about two lonely people connecting with one another.  Julie Bowe has several sensational nude scenes in the film, including a tub scene where we get to see her fully lit lobbers as she bathes. The other scenes are more dimly lit, though we can definitely see her derriere as she escapes from the tub in one scene and two more looks at her lactoids as she is assaulted by two dudes in the building. Julie Bowe won't just get you Close, she'll push you past the point of no return!