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Chrzest (2010)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Marcin Wrona
  • Theatrical Release: 10/22/2010
  • Country: Poland
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(0:11) Natalia Rybicka is breastfeeding her baby. The kid is covering the right nipple. (0:36) A woman is seen at a distance through a window by a guy changing. She is in her panties with her breasts exposed and then puts a bra on. (0:39) A guy notices a woman in the room covering her chest with her arm and she is in her panties. (0:41) Same guy notices a brunette chick in her panties giving a guy a lapdance. Her right breast will be exposed from the side. Then the blonde chick comes into frame and we see her breasts, bush and some brief buns. (NOTE: These might be Katarzyna Kaczynbka (blonde) & Klaudia El Dursi (brunette)) (0:44) Natalia Rybicka is stripped down to nothing to make love with a guy in the bathroom. We see some very brief breasts as she is screwed against a wall and her leg is arched up. (1:04) Natalia Rybicka begins to make love with a guy. She is in just her panties and as she is brought down to the floor we can see her breasts. Her panties are taken down and we can see some very brief bush and buns.