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Chantaje al desnudo

Chantaje al desnudo (1992)

Great Nudity!


Chantaje al desnudo (1992) is a Mexican drama starring Rosita Bouchot, who has that kinky full head of hair that looks great over a pair of boobs, and even better when those boobs are uncovered by our lovely actress getting out of bed. Why her man is smoking and playing around with a letter of some sort, is far less easy to explain. Now, Rosita looks good in and out of everything, but she especially looks hot in a lacy two-piece lingerie number. The top is transparent, though we can’t think of a fabric known to man which could keep her massive mams under wraps. We wanted to tie this review together with a bit about her kinky pubes, but even in the bath and naked out of it, she’s strictly a tits and ass girl.