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Buddy Games

Buddy Games (2019)

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Buddy Games (2019) is the ultimate bro-down film. A group of old friends plays a series of physical and mental games that they call The Buddy Games. This is sort of like a friend Olympics where the buddies gather to challenge themselves and each other. Drinking games, eating contests, paintball, races, motocross - everything. The buddies will challenge their spirits and their relationships with each other in this hilarious comedy filled with physical gags. Let the games begin! The comedy is written and directed by actor Josh Duhamel who seems to love all kinds of physical goofs and gags because that makes up the bulk of this buddy-friendly film. There is a girl in the guys' group named Tiffany, played by the amazing and hilarious Olivia Munn, who ends up showing off her thighs and her red thong when she pulls down her panties for bathroom sex. She is not the only hot babe in the movie. The darling Donna Benedicto plays Grace and up-and-comer Melanie Chan plays Faith. We have Grace and Faith here to give us hope for some salacious skin. Luckily, both of these beautiful Asian actresses show off their cleavage when they both sit in a hot tub in their bikinis. We get to watch the warm water lap at their cleavage over and over again as we focus on these ladies' bikini tops. What does the winner of the Buddy Games get? Is it boobies? Then let's all play and let's name this movie The Booby Games!