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Bro, What Happened?

Bro, What Happened? (2014)

Brief Nudity


0:01) Carlee Baker is sleeping in bed with her breasts exposed. Though her face is obscured.

(0:05) Ashley Theis takes down her pants to show her pink thong panties on the computer. She then takes off her top. We see some left sideboob and then turns around with her arm over her chest, pissed that her guy is playing with himself. When there's a knock on the door we see her breasts as she stretches.

(0:12) Rebekah Kochan bikini top visible.

(0:13) During a hazy flashback we see BRUNETTE with her breasts exposed. 

(0:40) DRUNK BLONDE strips to her bra and panties to get on top of a guy. When she tries to get his pants down, he sprays all over her face.

(0:41) Great right side boob on Ali Rose as she is practically falling out the side of her shirt. She will be doing side slight making out with Becca Hardy in the hallway who will be showing her breasts. Then Ali Rose's top comes off showing her breasts.

(0:51) Jo Newman gets on the bed in a skirt to launch a ping-pong ball out from under there.

(0:55) BRUNETTE showing her breasts and panties in the crowd. 

(0:57) HORSEHEAD GIRL in the pool wearing a bikini top and horse head.

(1:02) Rebekah Kochan has been wearing a sexy dress the whole film. Here's a decent cleavage moment as she asks if anyone is OK while holding a gun.

(1:06) Carlee Baker strips out of her orange dress to get into bed in her bra and panties.

(1:09) A montage of Ashley Theis on a bed getting screwed and eaten out from behind by six different guys. We see just a hint of the top of her buns. Then we see Rebekah Kochan in her bra screwing her from behind.

(1:19) BLONDE in indoor pool shows her breasts then BRUNETTE shows her breasts too.