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Boss (2011-2012)

Great Nudity!


Kelsey Grammer returns to TV as the mayor of Chicago in the Starz series Boss. As Windy City head honcho Tom Kane, Kelsey is hiding a dark secret: he's suffering from a degenerative disease, and wants to make sure no one but his doctor knows. Tom feels like he still has work to do, and knows that all his enemies will take advantage of any perceived weakness they see in him. For a show that only lasted two seasons, from 2011 to 2012, a lack of gorgeous women taking their clothes off sure wasn't a weakness of it. Kane's wife is Connie Nielsen's Meredith Jane, who we get to see in a bra and panties cheating on her husband. But it's no big deal since there's is a marriage of political convenience. Beverly Hills, 90210 temptress Kathleen Robertson costars as one of the mayor's closest advisors, Kitty O'Neill, who is not afraid of letting all sorts of men take a turn in her kitty. If you're into the businesswoman look, good luck finding anything hotter than watching Kathleen pull up her skirt, but keep her glasses on during a topless stairwell tryst, or hiking up her skirt to flash her ass while still in the office. What a freak. We love it! Are all the business girls from Chi-town so willing to let you into between the thighs town? But if powerful women are your thing, Marin Ireland's post-sex nudity as a dirty lawyer might give it a run for its money. Tom's got an estranged ne'er-do-well daughter, played by Hannah Ware, who is always dealing with her daddy issue by doing dudes, often putting her ass and funbags on display in the process. But don't worry about poor Frasier. He gets in on the action too, like when Jennifer Mudge strips for him and shows off her giant gazzoongas. If running the city meant you get to play with those kind of titties, The Second City's own Mr. Skin might just have to run! Forget DaBears and enjoy Daboobs, because Boss will make you sauce!