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Bliss (2021)

No Nudity

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Mike Cahill, the writer/director behind Another Earth (2011) and I, Origins (2014) is back with his latest effort, Bliss (2021) which debuted on Amazon Prime in February, 2021! Owen Wilson stars as Greg, a guy who has just lost his job, his wife, and anything worth caring about in this world. While on vacation attempting to rediscover himself, he meets Isabel (Salma Hayek) a tatted up, free-spirited woman who manages to convince Greg that the world they're living in is a computer simulation and thus, nothing they do really matters. While Greg is at first dismissive of Isabel, he's also well aware of the fact that she's super hot and he should probably just go along with whatever she wants! There's also some compelling evidence that Isabel is not, in fact, crazy and is actually right about the world around them. As time progresses, however, both Greg and Isabel will have to confront the truth about their current reality, which might actually be something neither of them bargained for, but may also prove them both wrong! One unfortunate thing about the film is that writer/director Cahill didn't make room for any nudity in this flick like he did in his first two. Thankfully, the costume designer was smart enough to give Salma Hayek plenty of cleavage baring, plunging necked tops that all show off her sensational cleavage! It's too bad whomever programmed the world of Bliss didn't think Owen Wilson or the rest of us wanted to see Salma's breasts! That's the sort of thing that would bring us all some much needed Bliss!