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After you’ve been in a dozen sex films, the jump to hardcore pornography is an easy one, at least if you’re busty blonde German act-chest Karin Schubert. She began showing what she’s got in Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972), which is not a porno, but a Middle Ages comedy where Karin isn’t confined by any chastity belt. She shows what’s below the belt in La Punition (1972), a kinky drama that has Karin outfitted in fetish gear that lets the breast parts fly free. She continued her nude streak in the Richard Burton vehicle Bluebeard (1972), opposite Laura Gemser in Black Emanuelle (1975), again in Emanuelle Around the World (1977), and with black beauty Josephine Jacqueline Jones in Black Venus (1983). By 1985 Karin figured there was no point in simulating sex with all these sex kittens and the rest is her-story, told, naturally, in triple-X.

Hanna D: The Girl from Vondel Park (1984) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:06:24 Blonde bombshell Karin is barin' her finely aged funbags and fanny in the sack with her man. Nice! (51 secs)
Hanna D: The Girl from Vondel Park (1984) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:10:41 She drops her duds and takes a curiously frenzied shower while Karin examines her boobs. The restored film quality is excellent, but the full-frontal and buns are out-frigging-standing! (1 min 5 secs)
Hanna D: The Girl from Vondel Park (1984) Nude, breasts 00:12:52 Her lacy gold robe fails miserably at covering up her glorious gazongers when she flips out and has a cat fight with some other babe. (53 secs)
Black Venus (1983) Nude, breasts, butt, bush, lesbian 00:39:00 Blonde Karin's barin' all, dropping her robe to get Sapphic and graphic on a bed with Jo Jones. (1 min 29 secs)
Emanuelle Around the World (1977) Nude, breasts, bush 00:46:00 The bad news: sweet lovely Karin is getting the tar beaten out of her by a gang of scumbags. The good news: she's able to give us boobs and pubes through her pain. (36 secs)
Emanuelle Around the World (1977) Nude, breasts, butt, bush, lesbian 01:21:00 Blonde Karin and dark-haired Laura Gemser serve up double the boobs, butt, and bushage as they grab a lucky guy and hit the massage oil. (1 min 25 secs)
La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo (1976) Nude, breasts 00:33:00 Nurse Karin administers some sexy TLC to her patient when she unbuttons her uniform to expose her undie-clad bod. Luckily, her huge right boob is spilling out of her bra to say "hello" . . . (1 min)
La muerte ronda a Mónica (1976) Nude, breasts, butt 00:26:00 Schubert makes beautiful music with Barbara Rey, showing some very nice knockers during a little lesbo lite love session. Karin's the brunette with the longer locks. (54 secs)
Black Emanuelle (1975) Nude, breasts, underwear 00:07:51 Karin's barin' her boobos, choosing to don only undies while adjusting her man's . . . tie. (25 secs)
Black Emanuelle (1975) Nude, breasts, butt, bush, real sex, body double 00:16:39 See it ALL as Karin skinteracially entertains a lucky young lad at the gas station. Fill 'er up! (1 min 30 secs)
Black Emanuelle (1975) Nude, breasts, butt, bush, lesbian 00:40:58 Shades of Gia as blonde Karen bares all during an outdoor photo shoot with Laura Gemser that slides headlong into lesboland! (2 mins 6 secs)
Black Emanuelle (1975) Nude, breasts 00:49:00 See both of the Schubert snooberts as Karin gets plowed while Laura Gemser peeps on. (2 mins 48 secs)
The Girl in Room 2A (1974) Nude, breasts 01:14:03 See Schubert's scoops when she gets toplessly slapped by some jerk in a basement. (34 secs)
Bluebeard (1972) Nude, breasts, butt 01:49:00 Karin strips in the bedroom for Richard Burton, showing her breasts and buns. It's dark, but her long, naked form is awesome!!! (16 secs)
Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972) Nude, breasts 00:13:00 Golden goddess Karin gets her jewels wetted down in Ye Olde Tubbe by her handmaiden. (1 min 18 secs)
Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972) Nude, breasts 00:16:00 Her dress slips down to reveal a bit o' left boob. A peak of peak. A touch of bust, if you will. (13 secs)
Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972) Nude, breasts, butt 01:08:00 Karin's barin' quite a bit! She gets out of the sack to answer the door, and we welcome the sight of dem boobies and dose bumcakes. (55 secs)
Cold Eyes of Fear (1971) Nude, breasts 00:04:34 Karin's beau cuts off her bra to expose her glorious, gigantic rack before boffing her in bed. Outtasite! (1 min 23 secs)
Companeros (1970) Nude, underwear, breasts 00:55:07 El Guapo is passed out on a bed as Karin puts on makeup with her nipples popping out from her very tight corset! (41 secs)

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