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Big Brother (2009)

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Based on a huge hit reality show that took off in the Netherlands, the American version of Big Brother has aired on CBS for a full 24 seasons. Hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, it's all about what happens to a group of people when they're forced into constant close confinement. They have no cell phones, no TV, no Internet, no way to communicate via writing—and as a kicker, they're constantly being monitored with mics and cameras, even when they're in bathrooms and bedrooms. The contestants all come from different states, different walks of life, and different socioeconomic backgrounds so, needless to say, things get interesting quickly. They compete each week, hoping not to get evicted, and the last roommate standing wins $500,000, though that was later upped to 750K. The eleventh season introduced a twist, where the contestants all came from different high school cliques. As the least surprising member of the "popular" crowd that you can imagine, the busty blonde waitress from North Carolina, Jordan Lloyd, won the whole thing, then went on to compete on another CBS reality show: The Amazing Race. But even better than winning everything, she showed everything! With cameras all over the place, there was nowhere to hide, not that Jordan should've been hiding her juicy jugs and tight ass. At one point, we got a full frontal shot as Jordan adjusted a too tiny towel. We can't be sure it was an accident, though, since it happened again in another episode. Her tatas tumbled out of a dress she was putting on once or twice, too. Brother, seeing that will give you a big ole bulge!