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The Simple Life

The Simple Life (2003-2004)

No Nudity

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The Beverly Hillbillies were never like this. As hot as Donna Douglas’s Elly Mays are, her hillbillies never got moonshined as much as Paris Hilton’s and Nichole Richie’s do on the Fox reality hit The Simple Life. The two girls of privilege--Paris heir to the Hilton hotel fortune, and Nicole progeny of hit-maker Lionel Richie--slum it on the farm with a family of Okies and hysterics ensue. The success of the show legitimized the socialites’ careers and viewer’s leers. And who doesn’t enjoy watching the poor little rich girls suddenly with no money, having to work at various odd jobs to support themselves? They seem to have little funds for clothes, as they wear barely anything and what they do don is usually hanging around their butt-cleavage. Yes, there are many reasons to crack a smile while watching this show.