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Between Forever

Between Forever (2021)

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Between Forever (2021) is a fascinating drama with a Black cast and relatable problems that everyone can be moved by. John R. Powell directed this film about a married woman who has been betrayed by her husband. One day she runs into a man who is having a very difficult time in his life. The two of them are about to change each other's lives forever. This film focuses on a day in the life of two people who are about to cross paths and forever change each other's lives and destinies. Will they let go and embrace happiness as well as a new outlook on life? Or will they retreat and do everything that they have already known in their lives so far? Tiona Bland plays April and April will definitely cause some showers in your undies when you check out this hottie. There is nothing bland about Tiona when she wears a strapless black bra in two scenes that show off her beautiful body. Her skin is a gorgeous deep brown tone and her body is perfectly smooth and fit. She and her man start making out and then some hot R&B slow jams start to play. You know what the music means? It's a cue that it's time to get down. It's sexy time! She and her man makeout and then they shift to having sex, but we don't see much beyond closeups of their faces in pleasure. We would love to be between Tiona's legs in Between Forever.