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The Dig

The Dig (2021)

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The Dig (2021) is a historical drama about a female archeologist who leads an important archeological dig in 1938 at Sutton Hoo. Sutton Hoo is a very important site in British history as it is believed to be the site of two medieval cemeteries and excavations of the area have been going on ever since their start in 1939, which is what this movie takes us back to. The movie stars Ralph Fiennes - who in real life started an archeological field school after being inspired by this movie which is an amazing thing to do - as an archeologist named Basil Brown who is going to dig up some mounds that will yield historical results. The movie also stars Carey Mulligan and Lily James, so we have plenty of eye candy to enjoy. The film was based on a moving novel by John Preston. Lily James plays Peggy Preston whose rack we get to see when she is soaking in the tub. She gets walked in on by a very lucky guy who gets to see the top parts of her ballooning breasts that are partially hidden by soapy suds. We can still see her pink nipples through the soap in the water. Then she gets out of the tub and flirtatiously shows off her body to the guy while wearing a robe. She slinkily slides the robe down her back which lets us see her slender back. Her hubby is not interested, so she puts the robe back on. We want to dig that robe off and see her mounds!