All-natural blonde babe Betsy Rue is permanently burned into the memories of Skin Fans everywhere thanks to her scorching hot nude debut in My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009). A film featuring a full MINUTE AND A HALF scene of totally naked Betsy running from a murderous madman. So spec-rack-ular, so ass-tonishing was the moment, that she nabbed herself an award for Best 3D Nudity at Mr. Skin's 11th Annual Anatomy Awards.

She's also brought her charms to plenty of hit boob tube series including CSI, 90210, Bones, True Blood, and the perennial skin favorite Femme Fatales.

Now Betsy is playing a porn star opposite Mad Men's Jay Paulson in the upcoming thriller Lucky Bastard (2013), and it looks like we’ll be the lucky ones considering the MPAA just handed down a rare NC-17 rating for the flick.

Betsy graciously took some time to talk to Mr. Skin about her sexy new role and her philosophy on nude scenes:

Femme FatalesSkin Central: How were you cast in Lucky Bastard?

Betsy Rue: I was cast in Lucky Bastard by auditioning and the amazing Christine Sheaks called me in after I did an episode of Femme Fatales, which she also casts.

SC: Tell us about your character Ashley Saint in the movie.

BR: Ashley Saint is a real woman with real live challenges and a real life job who happens to be a porn actress. She is a fighter and will do what she can to survive and provide a good home for her children and herself.

SC: How do you feel about Lucky Bastard getting an NC-17 rating from the MPAA?

BR: As far as the NC-17 goes of course I was a bit disappointed, as it takes our chances of theatrical release. For sure here in the USA. I figured it would be as such as the content of this film has such a stigma in our culture. Why violence and killing are ok and not sexuality is beyond me. But it is what it is. And I really want to stress the fact to my fans that I AM NOT a porn actress or ever was. I simply play one. It's what I do. It's called acting!! And besides the fact that Ashley Saint is a porn actress we are pretty similar in essence.

MBV1SC: We’re huge fans of My Bloody Valentine 3-D here at Mr. Skin, what was it like filming your scenes in that?

BR:My Bloody Valentine was all around an amazing experience. The scene was so easy as everyone was relaxed and professional. As you can tell I don't have many issues with nudity so I am pretty comfortable.

SC: What was it like seeing yourself naked in 3D?

BR: Seeing myself was like ok then..., there I am world. :) I had no choice at that point but to be ok with it. There was no going back at that point.

SC: Are you familiar with Mr. Skin?

BR: I am familiar with Mr. Skin. However do not have a membership. :).

MBV2SC: How do you feel about your nude scene in My Bloody Valentine 3-D winning an award for Best 3D Nudity at Mr. Skin's 11th Annual Anatomy Awards?

BR: I thought it was fun to win an award from you guys. Any award at this point makes me smile.

SC: What's your philosophy about doing nude scenes?

BR: My philosophy on nude scenes is... I am an actress. If I pick a role that requires it and it serves a purpose in the scene it is better to just go for it than to half ass it. However I will say that I am not planning on doing more nude stuff unless it is a really important feature or TV part.

SC: What’s sexy about horror movies?

BR: Sexy about horror films..... The naked chicks :). No I'm not a lesbian.

Kidman in Dead CalmSC: What’s the first movie and/or TV nude scene you remember seeing?

BR: The first nude scene I remember is Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm.

SC: What’s next on the horizon for you?

BR: Up next is a potential pilot pick up I did for a comedy called The Splits. I play a fun trashy girl who works at a bowling alley. I also just wrapped a film called Book of Fire, directed by the special effects guru Tommy Frazier. In this one I play a high priestess. Fun fun stuff. And no nudity ;)

Lucky Bastard makes its world premiere in a one-week engagement starting April 5, 2013 at Vintage Cinemas’ Los Feliz 3 Cinemas, 1822 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027.