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Bel Ami

Bel Ami (1976)

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Legendary Deep Throat (1972) doctor and real life stud Harry Reems is hired by the puritanical "New Morality Magazine" to report on erotic artifacts exhibited by a sex magazine in Bel Ami (1976). Loosely based on the scandalous French novel from the late 1800's, Harry plays Georg Duroy, a sort of journalist and failed poet who dreams of working for the erotic magazine "Playhouse." He's a decent writer, but an absolute lothario which allows him to both seduce any sexy woman he thinks can advance his career, and provide all sorts of erotic, first person sex stories to the magazine. But Georg realizes he can make it even bigger in journalism by reporting on the behind the scenes activities of the sex based publication for the prudish one, even if his lifestyle doesn't jive with their mission statement. Using his enormous dong to find out what's going on, along the way Reems falls for a gorgeous blonde, played by the gravity-defying breastacular Anita (Christa Linder), who unbeknownst to him turns out to be the girlfriend of his editor. Uh, oh. Ever since breaking a fertility symbol while traveling, Harry has proven irresistible to any woman, and has various nookie scenes with the lovely likes of Marie Forså, Jacqueline Laurent, and Sylvia Bayo, who plays an African princess that strips down and demands sex from a fleeing Georg. Other randy moments include Jacqueline Laurent providing all sorts of enthusiastic consent as Harry goes to work between her thighs, the brunette cutie Bie Warburg showing all three B's as she has sex in the high grass, Lisbeth Olsen pleasuring herself on the couch, Miss Linder letting a dude dry her off after a shower, and Pia Rydberg letting Harry go for a ride on top of her. This French/Swedish production offers the breast of both of these kinky countries! If you're into Euro girls flashing bush and tush, Bel Ami is a must see!