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Claudia Schiffer is not without precedent as a vision of superior Germanic genetics in the realm of engineering über-blondes. The otherworldly blue-eyed dream of feminine excellence that Bavarian-born actress Christa Linder shared with a grateful and gleeful world in dozens of European and Mexican films from the mid 1960s through 1980 not only equals her sweet-pouting supermodel countrywoman in puissant insouciance, but far surpasses the modern mannequin in skin-flaunting generosity of spirit. Whether baring her cotton-tail buns in the Mexican-made La Noche de los mil gatos (1972) or flexing her tanned and trim gluteus to maximus effect in the Swedish-lensed Bel Ami (1976), Christa Linder flashed an ass that even the sublime Ms. Schiffer should kiss, which would put her lips directly upon the portal to paradise.

Top Scenes

Víbora caliente (1978) Nude, breasts 00:18:00 Linder gets her lobbers nuzzled by her enthusiastic mate in the sack. Muy caliente! (48 secs)
Confessioni segrete di un convento di clausura (1972) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:15:00 Christa bathes in a tub--holy ass and boob closeups! When Mr. Monk creeps up to aid her in butt-bathing, she flashes a bit of a sudsy full-frontal. (50 secs)
Bel Ami (1976) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:16:00 A glorious look at Christa's full-frontal curvosity as she enjoys a long shower. (1 min 5 secs)
La noche de los mil gatos (1972) Nude, breasts 00:10:00 Wet breasts and other submerged goodies as Christa and her man get lusty in the swimming pool. (17 secs)
Fra' Tazio da Velletri (1973) Nude, breasts 01:08:00 Brief, bouncing boobles as she takes off her top next to another chick in the bumpy back of a covered wagon. Christa's on the right. (10 secs)
La noche de los mil gatos (1972) Nude, butt 00:11:00 Two sun-ripened ass cheeks on full display as Christa and her fella snooze on their bellies. (10 secs)
El Ardiente deseo (1971) Nude, breasts 00:53:00 Christa makes with the chest-cannons as she spends some time in bed with an interested man. (21 secs)
Víbora caliente (1978) Nude, breasts 01:18:00 Aye yi yi! Check out the massive right maraca on Christa, visible when she shimmies out of her nightgown! (28 secs)


El sexólogo (1980) - as NA

La hora del jaguar (1978) - as NA

Víbora caliente (1978) - as Eva

Bel Ami (1976) - as Anita

La governante (1975) - as NA

Mi Amorcito de Suecia (1974) - as Laura

Elena sì, ma... di Troia (1973) - as Helen of Troy

Fra' Tazio da Velletri (1973) - as Monna Lisa

El Imponente (1973) - as NA

The Real Decameron (1972) - as NA

El Ardiente deseo (1971) - as NA

Day of Anger (1967) - as Gwen

Liebesquelle, Die (1965) - as Britta

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