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Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012)

No Nudity

Not to be confused with the late, great Doris Wishman's sexploitation flick Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965), Bad Kids Go To Hell (2012) is a snarky horror-comedy about a particularly eventful detention session in a haunted library. Spoiled Tricia (Ali Faulkner), high-strung Megan (Amanda Alch), nerdy Tarek (Marc Donato), jock Craig (Roger Edwards) and goth-chick Veronica (Augie Duke) have all been sentenced to a full Saturday's worth of detention by humorless school counselor Dr. Day (Jeffrey Schmidt). Right before detention begins, bad boy Matt (Cameron Deane Stewart) shows up to complete the Breakfast Club analogy, and Dr. Day locks the students in for eight hours of punishment. Veronica suggests the group hold a seance to pass the time, a suggestion that proves to be fatal. No group of high-school archetypes would be complete without The Slut, and Amanda Alch obliges by performing a striptease on her desk 21 minutes in. Unfortunately, the director of the film states on the commentary track that the nudity was done using CG. 

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Sexy 00:21:00 Bad kids go to hell, especially ones that use CG Effects instead of actually getting naked! (38 secs)


Augie Duke

Sexy - as Veronica Harmonunderwear

Amanda Alch

Nude - as Megan McDurstLesbian, Sexy, breasts, underwear

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